About Us

2016 Activities

The American Service Council is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization that gives all Americans a voice and a platform in Washington, DC on many of the issues close to their hearts: Healthcare, US Economic Security, Religious Freedom, Social Security Protection, and English as the Official Language.

Our mailings educate our supporters and give them tools in the fight against the erosion of their rights by Congress. These tools include petitions, ballots, surveys and polls which we hand deliver to their elected officials in Washington, DC urging passage of key legislation.

Throughout the year, as part of our educational mailing campaign, American Service Council sent over 7 million letters and correspondence to concerned citizens across the country. The American Service Council also collected millions of petitions for delivery to Washington, DC. Some of the specific campaigns included:

  • Americans for Faith and Freedom
  • Americans for One Language
  • CVI
  • National Council for Survivors